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Acharya Lokesh Dhamija is a highly renowned and experienced Vastu consultant based in Delhi. He is proclaimed to be the Best Vastu Consultant in India who has years of experience under his belt in disseminating the knowledge of Vastu Science and bring superior remedies for its clients. He holds unmatched expertise in understanding and assessing the problem in hand, analyzing the solutions, referring to plan of residence or workplace before suggesting a viable solution. He has a pioneering track record with commendable work in the field of Vastu planning and interior designing. His expertise is highly sought after by the clients who seek cost-effective yet reliable solutions to their Vastu problems, thereby making him Best Vastu Consultant in India.

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    Our Vastu Consultation Services


    We are leading in residential vastu based on cause and its effects

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    now a days when apartment based residential flats are more popular

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    work area should be designed as per vastu for the better output

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    To become competent make your commercial space vastu compliant

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    We are very much specialized for vastu in mountains and hilly areas

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    Yes vastu corrections are possible without demolition or digging hole

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    vastumatics provide so easy vastu solutions for each every problems

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    combination of astrology & vastu science together for better results

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    Our vastu concept & methodology

    VASTUMATICS’s consultation undergoes several steps by step process, where each previous step is providing necessary ingredient to the next.

    • Visit your land/home/flat by our well qualified and experienced vastu team engineer to analyse & observe the area point to point and thoroughly.
    • Construction of the map of the area visited, by designated architect and complete vastu gridding has been done by applying vastu rules. Like cutting 16 vastu zones, 32 vastu entries, vastu devta etc.
    • Most crucial and most needed step is combining the vastu map of the area visited to the horoscope of the ruling person.
    • After above all, we rectify the vastu doshas by implementing both classical & modern vastu science. Then we provide the remedial treatments for better results. Vastu Consultant, Vastu Expert, Onine Vastu Consultation.

    vastu training programme & courses

    New Modern Era Vastu Course

    Learn best Vastu Course to make your home balanced, harmonious and prosperous with scientific and practical methods and approach.

    Remedial Vastu Course

    Learn how to manifest best from your surrounding with help of easy Vastu Classes. The  Advanced  Remedial Vastu Course in India

    Astro Vastu Course

    Most preferred Vastu Course in today’s time. In Astro Vastu we combine horoscope of whole family with their home Vastu to get best results.

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    Vastu Consultancies, We Provide

    Vastumatics is an all-round Vastu consultancy service provider. Customers can avail commercial, industrial, residential, and other real estate project-related consultancy services. Or team is dedicated to listen, analyse, discuss and suggest all possible solutions without burning a hole in your pocket. Holding in-depth know-how and expertise in this domain, Acharya Lokesh Dhamija leaves no stone unturned to suggest viable remedies for the most daunting problems. We have a huge client base who vouch and invest their trust in his skill set and acumen in the domain of Vastu Shastra.

    Vastumatics has seen an increasing graph of popularity in a short time span, thanks to in-depth knowledge of Acharya Lokesh Dhamija who has redefined the people perceive Vastu. The services offered by our Vastu Consultant are categorized into Online, Offline and Sit Visit services. The entire bunch of services are delivered post analyzing the energies of a space, identifying the problem using intuitive power and finding solutions that best fit an individual’s problems.

    Online Consultancy: Opting for this service, will connect the customers to best Vastu Expert who will guide them through online methods such as email, phone call, and video calls to understand their problems and recommend solutions accordingly. For this, the customers are required to be handy with:

    • Full address and a print out or soft copy of the floor plan with exact compass readings
    • Complete site map of the property highlighting all the roads and details of surrounding structures such as water bodies, mountain, a pilgrimage, etc.
    • Updated property pictures
    • A brief about the concerns related to property  

    Offline Consultancy: A Vastu Consultant offers services through offline method which requires the property owner/ client to visit our office in Rohini, Delhi with the following:

    • Complete address and photographs of the property
    • A detailed floor plan copy indicating exact compass readings
    • Property site map indicating the roads and surrounding structures such as a mountain, water bodies, a hill, a pilgrimage, etc.
    • A brief on property-related or client concerns

    Site Visit Consultancy: Property owners opting for this service are entitled to receive a site visit by Acharya Lokesh Dhamija, our Best Vastu Consultant, who will survey the entire location and conduct Vastu assessment. This visit and service is more real time as the readings are derived from the main door, the structure of premises/house, bed & rooms locations, kitchen direction and bathrooms, feeling the energy of the entire premises. The assessment is made first hand and is much more exact. Our Vastu Expert will then prepare and send a thorough report within 24-working hours.

    Why choose Acharya Lokesh Dhamija for the best Vastu Consultancy in India?

    Known to be the best Vastu consultant in India,  Acharya Lokesh Dhamija holds impeccable expertise, experience, uniqueness, and knowledge that makes him stand way ahead other Vastu Experts in this domain. He has a knack of maintaining balance between the natural energy sources by blending scientific methods and modern practices of Vastu Shastra to bring a peaceful atmosphere in the space. Some of the reasons to pick Vastumatics Best Vastu Consultant for residential, commercial, spiritual and educational projects are below:

    • Application of a systematic and scientific approach to comprehend a problem and suggest befitting solutions
    • The support delivered is friendly, steadfast, and extremely effective
    • Accurate diagnosis and 100% precision levels with the assurance that the solution aligns with problem in hand
    • Use of tools to detect the geo energies existing below the earth, which is the root cause of the problems
    • Suggesting accurate remedies at affordable price
    • Corrective measures for major Vastu faults with No demolition

    How to Fix an Appointment with Vastu Consultant in India?

    Booking an appointment with our Vastu consultant is quite easy. The steps to be followed are:

    Step 1: Log on to our website

    Step 2: Go to ‘Appointment Booking’ tab on the Home Page.

    Step 3: Select the Vastu expert you want to connect with.

    Step 4: Book Appointment as per convenience along with paying the service fee.


    • What are the five elements of Vastu Shastra?

      All the entities in this universe are composed of five basic elements, also known as Panch Mahabhootas. These include earth or water, fire, soil, air, and space or Aakash. These five basic elements of nature have a close impact on lives and activities of a human. So, Vastu Shastra is closely aligned with constructing or correcting the overall structure of residential or commercial buildings, after assessing their energetic alignment with these five elements for a happily and harmonious life.
    • How much should I pay Vastu Consultant in India?

      In Delhi, online services of a Vastu consultant, the charges are approximately between Rs 31,000 to Rs 51,000. But for site visit services, the charges are relatively higher since the services are more customized and personally rendered. The cost also varies as per the skill and knowledge of a Vastu Expert wherein a start-up Vastu consultant might charge less but the services are not assured of quality.
    • When do I need Vastu Shastra Consultant?

      Best Vastu Consultant is often approached or needed to avail assessment services for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. The knowledge of an expert in Vastu Shastra helps thousands of people to align their space and lifestyles with Vastu principles and invite prosperity in their lives.
    • What is the role of religion in Vastu?

      Known as an age-old Indian Architectural Science, Vastu Shastra derives its origin from the Universal Principles of planetary forces and elements, whereas religion is based on an individual’s belief. However, its principles are derived from Hindu philosophy, it is open to be practiced and adapted by a person of any religion.
    • What kind of services can I expect from Vastu consultants in India?

      A Vastu expert is skilled to offers a vast range of online, offline and site visit consultancy for resolving architecture–related problems prevalent in residential, commercial and industrial spaces without the need of demolishing or altering the spaces. The services are also focused on solving problems in personal lives due to shift in planets and stars.
    • Can a Vastu Shastra consultant in Delhi suggest if the house has good Vastu before moving in?

      This is one of the prime services offered by Best Vastu Consultant at Vastumatics. One can book an appointment with our Vastu expert, who will pay a visit to your ready-to-move home and offer his expert opinion.