VASTU For - Home, Flat, Apartment & Bungalow

Vastu for apartments, vastu for flats, is highly searched on internet now a days. As per the increased demand and population density, it becomes difficult to own a land based residential place. Sometimes also due to work, job, study or many other reason it’s not viable to purchase land and construct a house. In this case people opt to be a tenant or take some already constructed property for the required time span on rent.

As we know already constructed property not suits to everyone, whether it is vastu compliant or not. Even if yes, then also it vary with person to person. There are lots of modern architectural structure as per modern demands for amenities and facilities like shopping complex, garden & parks, society club, swimming pool, fitness center. Hence people have lots of doubts regarding apartment vastu. 

In such scenario, vastumatics provide complete vastu solutions for each and every problem without demolition and large changes either you are planning to purchase an apartment or as a tenant or remodeling the existing one. Some people thinks that vastu don’t impact them because there flat is not touching the ground, or if they are living as a tenant then also vastu is not applicable on them as they are not the owner of the house. But it is not like this, both of these are big misconceptions. Vastu works equally for a tenant as well as at any height from ground level.

Recently even builders also starts giving importance to vastu for their increase in sales and avoid rejections from client. But there number is very few and because of this, one has to suffer lots of losses that may be financial, family harmony, health issues and many more.

Vastumatics provide best vastu solutions and remedies based on advanced and modern era demands. We are technically apply vastu fundamentals keeping their origin essence alive so that basic principles of vastu science don’t lose their importance and you get best results.

Vastu compliant house benefits residence in many ways, it provide sound health, make environment disease free, give peace of mind, bring happiness & joy, give growth and prosperity, make family relation strong.

Some vastu tips if you are looking for an Apartment, Flat:

  • Location of main door is first priority and it must be good. It ensures flow of positive energy in house. (Refer vastu tips for main entrance)
  • Always prefer a well and simple shaped plot like square or rectangle if possible rather than any irregular shape.
  • Avoid high construction in east and north direction. Both of these direction should be lightly constructed and if possible should have open area to let
    the sunray get entered in the house.
  • Strictly avoid toilet in north-east corner.
  • Slope of plot should be from south west to north east.

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