When Astrology and Vastu combined together is named as Astrovastu; deals with the flow of cosmic energies in person chart alongside the energy of buildings, which advances the prosperity, harmony, and success of the occupant. In other words, Astrology is ruled by Kaalpurush on the other side Vastu is ruled by Vastupurush, by combining both the methodology one can get the desired results.

Initially, in ancient time astrology and Vastu deals separately, but as time goes new ways of getting solutions of problem facing by human in form of remedies started to coming up.

Separately, seen that Vastu is only the balancing of 5 elements which we call PANCH TATVA (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space), whereas astrology is very broader aspect than Vastu. But by combining both that is Astro-Vastu becomes very powerful method to give overall success and growth to a person.

If we see Astrology and Vastu both are connected to each other. Astrology deals in houses, planets and zodiac signs whereas Vastu is all about directions.

Astro Vastu computations include – House owner’s horoscope, the Vastu chart of the house, and the auspicious time or Muhurata.

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