To become competent and increase prosperity in your business, make your commercial space vastu compliant. To increase growth rate and profit take advantage of age old ancient vastu science.

Vastu protect you from evil eye or negative energy in building around you. It guide you how to take benefit of positive attributes of vastu zones.

Vastu Consultation Services for Office, Shops, Factory, Industry, Schools, Institutions & other Corporate Entity.

At working place we spent lots of time, even sometimes more than home. Here one shows and utilize his skills to get best out of it. But sometimes results are not aligned with our day-night hard work. Sometimes even after all your efforts, things will not turn out beneficially. Non vastu compliant office building can be one of the biggest reason. The shape, location, direction of main entrance, sitting location of owner, location of working staff, energy and elemental balance in building creating great impacts, hence must be as per vastu directions.

Vastumatics provide best commercial vastu for shops & consultation services based on issues & symptoms, cause & effects present.

Vastumatics consultation process:

  • We visit the site and take deep observation.
  • Take the accurate compass readings. Measuring the shape and size of the property.
  • Preparation of the map by an expert vastu engineer. Creating 16 vastu
    zones on the map.
  • First we analyze the symptoms prevailed.
  • Find out the reason.
  • We recommend shifting and relocation of objects at first if possible.
  • Else give elementary treatments without major changes and demolition.
  • Complete analysis of the report prepared. Giving solution on the basis of
    cause & symptoms present.
  • Our treatment process provide complete solution to the root cause of the

We understand in today’s time, it’s not possible to choose entry of building, design seats of owner and staff, inventory storage etc. as per vastu. Therefore, we suggest best possible remedial treatment which required no demolition, minimum changes along with syncing the process with the basic and fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra. Contact for Commercial Vastu, Vastu for Shops, Vastu for Showrooms.