What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is ancient science used to make a place suitable

Why Vastu is necessary ?

Vastu is a science to make a place suitable for living for best outcomes.It’s a method to make energy around in a balanced form so that you one can harness best out of it. Vastu is important as it helps in taking advantage of energy produced in each zone of building for better development.

How vastu impact life ?

Energy by Sun on earth is the ultimate source of energy and this is the reason why there is life possible on earth. Each zone of a place has its own energy which is suitable to the activities of a particular type. If energy of a zone is good for sleeping and relaxing but instead of this we are studying there so energy of zone conflicts with our activity and hampers the results. Here vastu comes under its role and helps us to design the particular place as per requirements and symptoms.

To what extent vastu is helpful in getting desired results ?

Vastu acts like a medicine after surgery. We can not deny the role of planetary combination in ones horoscope. Therefore only vastu compliance work place or residence making is not sufficient. We should also take our horoscope under consideration which is called as AstroVastu. And beside all our KARMAs are most important.

Can vastu remedies are possible without demolition of building.

In todays modern Era of Vastu science, there are lots of options which can provide treatment or remedies without demolition. Energy balancing of a building or a particular zone inside the building can be done by 5 elements balancing method, pyramid installation, energy blocking by remedial tapes or metal strips, creating a virtual entry etc. Vastumatics provide best solution for all vastu related issues without demolition which are based on advance technology along with ancient knowledge of vastu.

Does vastu affect everyone who is living in house or owner of the place

Bad or good effects of energy created in a building impacts on the people who all are living there in the building. It’s not like that it would affect only the head of the family or owner of the property. It equally effects if you are a tenant in the house. Understand it like this, you are living in a house where air is not pure and not good to breathe in. So it will hamper you as a tenant or the owner of the house.

Should one make its home vastu compliance?

Yes. Vastu compliance home provide people living there happy n prosperous life. If you also balance your planets as per horoscope readings, you can get best results.

If there is any question apart from FAQs then what should be done.

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Why directions are important in Vastu Shastra.

Our planet Earth is acting as a big magnet due to its rotation on its axis and emerging out magnetic rays which create polarity on earth that is North Pole and South Pole. We human being also has polarity with North Pole towards the head n south pole towards the feet. Therefore sleeping position is defined in vastu. The sun, ultimate source of energy in our solar system, rises in the East therefore east direction is important to get best vitamin D full sun rays while in the West sun sets in the evening. This indicates the time of relaxation. Even birds return to their nest in the evening. Therefore each direction has its on importance in vastu.

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