Placement of TV as per vastu


Apart from only an electronic gadget mostly found in each and every home, TV brings members of the family together, it might be to watch news, or to watch favorite serial, movie, a cricket match, daily news and lots of other things. Without any second thought most of us put TV in living room of the house. However correct placement of TV is very important to create a harmonious ambience in home.

It has been observed, many of us starts our day with a news channel on TV along with a hot cup of tea to keep ourselves update with outer world. If it is so important, then why not place it in such a direction so that it brings positive energy. Try to avoid placing TV in bedroom, but if not, follow below tips to get good results.

Ideal location for TV can be in east north east corner of the house. It increases fun, freshness and joy among the members.

TV placed in east south east corner reduces the stress level. While avoid placing TV in south east of the house.

South direction of house can also be used to place TV. It provides a feeling of relaxation.

Do not place TV in west south west of the house. It impacts the study of children. In this case children like to watch cartoon and other comic serials.

Also avoid TV in south south west of the house. While east & east south east are good places to put TV.

Avoid TV in west north west & north north east of the house.

If still unable to find best suitable placement of TV, then contact us.

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