Vastu for A Happy & Prosperous Home

Get best Vastu Consultation services for your DREAM HOME

Vastumatics provide both onsite and online Vastu consultation services whether Land is proposed one (to sale or purchase) or an existing building.

Vastu Shastra is combination of both art and science. It is an ancient mystic science, guide us to build and design a place which is in harmony to us and nature surround us. Helps people to live a peaceful and prosperous life. The energy produced inside a building impacts people live there. Vastu Shastra teaches us how to balance this energy to take benefit of it.

Residential Vastu Consultant : Vastu for Home, Flats, Apartments, Bungalow and other Residential Places.

Our residential place is just not a physical area on earth. It’s the extension of mental identity of people living there. When we construct a building, five elements and other energies like solar energy, lunar energy, gravity, cosmic energy present there in different ratio and impact us. If all these things are present in balanced form, then bring prosperity & happiness, on the other hand imbalanced situation results into various kind of problems, stress, loss of harmony, lack of happiness and no growth at all. Therefore it is vital and necessary to ensure that your living space is in harmony with nature and different energies.

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Benefits of Vastu compliant residential place:

  • Give peace of mind, and relief stress & anxiety.
  • Health is wealth. It provide better health and immunity.
  • It brings prosperity & happiness.
  • Bring better career opportunity and enhance your competent skills.
  • Make family relationships strong.

Vastu treatments without demolition

Vastumatics consultation process:

  • We visit the site and take deep observation.
  • Take the accurate compass readings. Measuring the shape and size of the property.
  • Preparation of the map by an expert vastu engineer. Creating 16 vastu
    zones on the map.
  • First we analyze the symptoms prevailed.
  • Find out the reason.
  • We recommend shifting and relocation of objects at first if possible.
  • Else give elementary treatments without major changes and demolition.
  • Complete analysis of the report prepared. Giving solution on the basis of
    cause & symptoms present.
  • Our treatment process provide complete solution to the root cause of the