South facing plot

South Facing Plot

The main door of the house plays an important role in Vastu.  This is not only the pathway for people to come in and out, but energy either positive or negative also enters from here into the house.  The entrance of four directions is divided further into 32 types of entrances.  Some auspicious entrances are north-east, north, north-west and east.  But the house facing some zones of south direction is not considered good.  Some people feel confused to know that their house have entrance in which direction.  Here is very simple rule; the direction in which you step out from the main door is the direction of your house.  There are some myths for south direction like; this direction leads some financial losses, family members always keep fighting and their ideas never match each other.  But it will not be true for everyone.  Some south zones definitely creates some problem.  Above all S6, S7 and S8 entries are worst among all the 32 types.  These entrance surely gives bad result to the persons who live in that house like extreme poverty, debt, professional and personal relations get worse here.

Facing south zone house is best for the people who want to join the administrative services like IAS, Police etc.  as this direction represent fire element. People who prefers to join armed force this direction also suits them.  Factories to manufacture goods can also be purchased in this direction. 

By balancing the elements of a bad directions or a particular zone a person can get good results.  

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