The slope of the plot


Follow the below vastu tips and choose the right slope of land to bring good results.

When we build a house slopes in various sections are common for the flow of water and other things. These are integral and most crucial part of a building’s architecture which cannot be ignored. They play significant role in energy balance and must not be ignored. Their direction should be right as per vastu and if not it may create hindrances with nature and bring negative impacts in many ways like ill health, financial lose, family harmony and lack of happiness on the residents. Wrongly sloped architecture may have adverse effects by generating negative energy. As per vastu, land sloping down in east or north are auspicious while land sloping down in west or south are not good.

Below are some instructions which help to choose a better sloped land:

  • A downward slope from west to east is good. It gives more male progeny. Also good for child education and health.
  • While a land sloping opposite that is, a downward slope from east to west is not good for children in the house. Residents face issues in child conceiving. It causes delay into child birth.
  • A downward slope from north to south is also not good. Occupant will face lots of obstacles in all aspects and immune system against diseases becomes weak. While opposite one leads to good health and sound mind. Residents become more religious.
  • A downward slope from north-east to south-west is not good too as per vastu. Person will lose name and fame in society. It also bring financial loses, childbirth issues. But in a slope just opposite to it, is so auspicious. It brings health, wealth, prosperity. People get recognition of their work and earn good name.
  • A downward slope from south-east to north-west is good as per vastu. It is good for financial benefits. While a slope from north-west to south-east leads to various financial losses. Resident face lots of obstacles which ultimately leads to depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia.
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