We are very much specialized for vastu of resorts, hotel, and industrial unit in hilly areas. Vastumatics provide vastu treatments, remedies and modifications based on symptoms and earth energy. We follow basic fundamentals of vastu by modifying them as per modern scenario. Contact for Structure on Hill as per Vastu Shastra

India is a diversified country. One can see presence of almost every geographical structure in this land. High peaks and mountains, firm lands, large and deep river valleys, great ocean shores, wet lands, dense forests, variety of seasons, different types of wind patterns all over the year.

If we come to hilly areas like northern India, north east part of India, western part of South India, there are many land structures like hills, peak, mount, pinnacle, large mountain ranges, rise and falls in land, elevations etc.

Today in this busy, chaotic and stressed life all of us need a break. A break from daily work and pressure whether it is job, business, studies, daily hectic routines. The best way to do so is a holiday vacation full of fun, refreshment, enjoyment and recreation. In India, mountainous parts are home of nature and best place for holiday plans. Great variety of flora and fauna found here. Natural sceneries entranced people with their beauty. These hilly area are popular visiting destinations for tourists to enjoy and fun. People feel refreshed and recreated in nature.

Mainly because of increased tourism lots of architectural structure are being constructed there in hilly areas, scenic areas, water parks, rest rooms, hotels, resorts, restaurants, fun activities etc. people also interested in making their second house in these peaceful and beautiful places.

Now a days even industries are growing in hilly areas. Lots of opportunities are there from business perspective too.

Today with the help of advanced technology it becomes easy to measure variety of parameters like land slope, angle of elevation, depth, height of land from sea level, height of other structures around the building. Even there are much advanced machines which can measure earth energy too.

If you are planning to own a property in hilly areas either for residence or business purpose, then we provide you complete vastu consultation services

  • Planning to buy a land in hilly area whether residential or industrial.
  • Restructuring an already constructed building.
  • Want to remodel your existing structure vastu compliance.
  • Want to construct a resort, hotel, shop, etc.
Vastu science allows you to make residential place or business premises by the architectural system of vastu and also help to align it with the nature around so that energy created is in harmony with you and environment.
If you are going to buy a property in hilly area, then high peaks or elevations should be on west, south-west or south side. Likewise, the same should not be on the north, north-east or east side of the property.