We cannot deny the basic rules of vastu shastra, where everything should be in harmony with vastu rules. As per modern living style in pre constructed colonies or vertical structure due to population explosion, it’s almost impossible to follow all the basic parameters of vastu science.

But No worries any more. It is quite possible to get vastu results without digging a hole or breaking the walls. Yes vastu corrections are possible without demolition. But this completely depends upon the vastu expert visiting the site. Today, due to small space, rented properties, flat system or in apartment culture it is not feasible to do vastu dosha correction by applying old methods. Digging holes, breaking wall, elevating floor level, reconstruction of roof ceiling is not possible now a days. 

Today vastu corrections without demolition has become choice of people or there is no other choice left as we are living in pre-constructed flats or apartments. Whether these are constructed followed by some vastu rules, but impossible to customize person to person.

Today, we have lots of others advanced method to cure the vastu doshas and negative energy created, like elementary balance by metal strips, color therapy, interior re-arrangements, symbolic representation etc. it’s a matter of great pride that Vastumatics vastu engineers are well qualified to handle these modern demand and situations along with keeping the basic vastu essence alive. Keeping modern trend in mind vastumatics provide remedies which can be applied without any major changes. We also apply earth energy or geopathic stress mapping wherever it is required.

All these methods and revolutionary changes are enhanced by founder of Vastumatics Acharya Lokesh Dhamija, on the basis of people demands and our day to day experience in this field.