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    Vastu Course –
    New Modern Era Vastu Shastra Course by Vastumatics

    Best Vastu Shastra Course Vastu is age old and very ancient science of India. It’s an energy based concept. When an architectural structure is build, an energy field also created alongside as per the layout of the structure. If this is in harmony with nature surround, it will bring happiness and joy to the residents else this energy miss match may create huge mess-up and results will be miserable.

    This whole universe is the energy only. I, YOU and all of us are one or other form of energy which is ultimately generated by our well known cosmic star SUN, the ultimate source of energy in solar system.

    In this New Modern Era Vastu Shastra Course we opt the advanced methods, tool and technology to enhance our techniques of remedies for the various problems by keeping original essence of Vastu science maintained. Vastu Class brings you a complete curriculum of Vastu Shastra science from bottom to the top with all possible scenarios while conducting Vastu for a land whether it is residential, commercial, industrial, own property, rented one, flats or apartments. This advanced Vastu Course is the result of hard work of Acharya Lokesh Dhamija.

    New Modern Era Vastu Shastra Course Syllabus

    Introduction of Vastu Course :

    • What is Vastu as per science?
    • Definition of Vastu
    • Importance and role of Vastu in daily life
    • Scientific approach and explanation of Vastu Shastra

    History of Vastu Shastra:

    • Origin of Vastu Shastra
    • Origin of vastu Purush: who is vastu purush and how he came into existence and why he got title of vastu purush
    • Vastu purush and his importance in Vastu
    • How and why vastu purush be worshipped.

    Classical vastu
    Different methods of land selection:

    • Selection of land on the basis of soil type.
    • Other parameters of land selection.
    • Selection of land on the basis of zodiac sign of person.

    Different types of plot and their impacts:

    • Importance of knowing the shapes and size of the plot.
    • Types of plots on the basis of different shapes & their impacts.
    • Types of plots on the basis of extended and cut corners.

    Different locations of road to a plot

    • Road is on any one side of the plot
    • Road is on any two sides of the plot
    • Road is on any three sides of the plot
    • Road is on all four sides of the plot
    • Plot is at T, L, H & Y shape junction

    Eight directions

    • What are eight directions in Vastu?
    • Attributes of directions.
    • Significance of directions.
    • Directions & planets.
    • Directions & distribution of load.
    • Directions & five elements.
    • Implementation of concept to rectify vastu dosha.

    32 energy fields:

    • What are the attributes of 32 entrance.

    45 vastu devtas

    • Brief history of Vastu Devta
    • Attributes

    16 Vastu zones as per modern vastu:

    • what are 16 vastu zones
    • their attributes

    Fundamentals of five elements:

    • What are five elements
    • Detailed definition
    • How five elements influence the surrounding and people living there.
    • Cycle of creation
    • Cycle of control
    • Theory of balance
    • 5 elements and their shapes, metals and colors.
    • How to use 5 elements to rectify vastu dosha.
    • Rectification with colors Therapy.

    Vastu Compass:

    • What is compass
    • Various types of compass
    • Significance of compass in vastu science.
    • How to take reading of various directions with the help of compass.
    • How to determine reference wall and its degree
    • How to find all other directions.
    • How to find facing of the plot.
    • How to use Google earth instead of compass.


    Map and area bar chart graph:

    • How to measure the various lengths manually and electronically. 
    • How to find center mark of the map.
    • Align the degree of reference wall with center point.
    • Cutting the map into 16 vastu zones
    • Marking 32 entries (energy fields). Find out the entry of the plot.
    • Locate the brahmasthan & marmasthan.
    • Calculation of area of 16 zones.
    • Making area bar graph
    • Finding lower, upper and middle line of balance.
    • Finding balance, extended ant cut area zones.

    Internal segments of the living space in all 16 zones of vastu, their impacts and corresponding remedies:

    • Various outcomes of having bedroom in 16 vastu zones.
    • Various outcomes of having poojaroom in 16 vastu zones.
    • Various outcomes of having toilet in 16 vastu zones.
    • Various outcomes of having kitchen in 16 vastu zones.
    • Various outcomes of having study room in 16 vastu zones.
    • Various outcomes of having drawing room in 16 vastu zones.
    • Various outcomes of having store room in 16 vastu zones.
    • Various outcomes of having servant room in 16 vastu zones.
    • Various outcomes of having staircase in 16 vastu zones.
    • Various outcomes of having area for pets in 16 vastu zones.
    • Various outcomes of having guest room in 16 vastu zones.
    • Various outcomes of having bar in 16 vastu zones.
    • Various outcomes of having septic tank in 16 vastu zones.

    Location and placement of different significant objects as per vastu in 16 zones, their impacts and corresponding remedies:

    • Different impacts of placing TV in 16 vastu zones.
    • Different impacts of placing study table in 16 vastu zones.
    • Different impacts of placing invertor in 16 vastu zones.
    • Different impacts of placing shoe rack in 16 vastu zones.
    • Different impacts of placing AC & fridge in 16 vastu zones.
    • Different impacts of placing washing machine in 16 vastu zones.
    • Different impacts of placing medicines in 16 vastu zones.
    • Different impacts of placing dustbin in 16 vastu zones.
    • Different impacts of placing computer in 16 vastu zones.
    • Different impacts of placing locker in 16 vastu zones.
    • Different impacts of placing overhead tanks in 16 vastu zones.
    • Location of balconies, windows, gardens, parking, garage

    Importance of various vastu symbols:

    • What are vastu symbols and how they work?
    • Where & how to install a particular vastu symbol.

    Rectification and remedies:

    Best vastu remedies without demolition with advanced methodology while keeping basic essence of age old vastu science alive and intact.
    • Rectification by relocation of interior furniture.
    • Rectification of main entrance.
    • Elementary balance by using vastu tapes, colors, and metallic strips.
    • Rectification by installation of crystals.
    • Rectification by vastu symbols.
    • Rectification by pyramids.
    • Rectification by vastu yantra
    • Rectification of beam and pillars without demolition
    • Rectification by using mirrors.

    Professional Remedies as per Classical Vastu Shastra & experience based remedies that Expert Vastu Consultant use to Treat for Vastu doshas.

    Exposure of minimum 50 Maps analyzation with practical remedies.



    You will learn by Practical training during this program by various site plan exposure.

    Join India’s Best Vastu Shastra Course.
    Students from Delhi, Mumbai, India, Canada, Dubai, New zeland, USA etc. taken benefits from this course.

    What is Vastu Shastra?

    Vastu is a Sanskrit word that is referred to as “Vaas: Live Tu: you” and Shastra is the alternative meaning of “house with science”. There are five elements – earth, fire, air, water, and sky are considered the core ingredients of every living and non-living entity. They together form the foundation of Vatu Shastra as science. Specific knowledge and instruction by Vastumatics can add value to a man’s life.

    Vastumatics arranges positive energy in the house that can bring more peace and clarity to your life. Keeping the positive energy in the house also brings joy and abundance in life. Vastumatics can guide you to scientific reasoning that aims to provide a well-organized and peaceful life to everyone. You can Learn Vastu Shastra Course in Vastumatics. By learning Vastu from Vastumatics, you can not only make a career out of it but also can get feasible changes by renowned Vastu expert, Acharya Lokesh Dhamija.

    Vaastu Shastra is important for architecture and interiors as any structure which is not built aligning with the five elements and four directions will sooner or later create problems. Vastumatics is offering different Vastu shastra courses from Acharya Lokesh Dhamija, which is a renowned and acclaimed Vastu expert and consultant. He is a leading expert who has changed many lives with his pioneer Vastu guidance.

    Benefits of Vastu Shastra Course

    Vastumatics is an eminent and dedicative institute with strong astrology science. Learn Vastu Shastra Course will bring more peace and sync to your life. Vastu has some rules that are beneficial for all of us. Vastu shastra can provide success to you at any point in life. Vastu Shastra Course is an advanced technology that is omitting all the negativity away from your life and providing a successful better life.

    Vastumatics is offering different kinds of courses that are included the New Modern Era Vastu Shastra, Astro Vastu course, and Remedial Mahavastu Course. These courses include various remedies for all types of architecture and interiors of houses, apartments, buildings, commercial offices, shops, educational institutes, industrial complexes, hospitals, restaurants, etc. By taking a grasp on these courses you can take advantage of the comforts and strengths.

    Vastu courses online are one kind of spiritual lesson that can teach people a lot about inner realization. The biggest benefit of the Vastu Shastra course is that it can enhance the knowledge and interest of people. These courses can help people to realize their thirst for something interesting in their houses or places. The founder of Vastumatics, Vastu expert Aacharya Lokesh Dhamija is very cooperative and a great guide for using Vastu to change the aspects of life.

    Career Benefits of Vastu Shastra Course For Interior Designers & Architects

    Vastumatic is one of the leading institutes offering different Vastu Shastra courses online and offline. These are helpful for interior designers and architects as they are working with five elements for building aligning with Vastu. Interior designers arrange furniture, accessories, and interiors according to the elements of Vastu shastra.

    It will usher opportunities and good health and prosperity to a house. This course is helpful for interior designers because it can build a knowledge of Vastu remedies and Shastra based on modern remedies that are specially designed for modern scenarios and modern housing styles. Architectures can get the right direction from Vastu Shastra courses from Vastumatics. When architecture is built, it can develop a positive energy field for the space.

    Different Vastu shastra courses can guide the architects to design buildings and spaces in a way to take along a positive energy field and houses can get a favourable atmosphere due to proportion and direction. The courses of Vastumatics will provide some Vastu principles to interior designers and architects that can enhance the spectrum of vision. Architects can plan their structures in all kinds of atmospheres as well as with the psychological environments. These courses will make a great career for them also, it can fulfill the need of the client by following Vastu principles and guidelines.

    Why Learn Vastu Shastra Course?

    Vastu Shastra Course merges science, art, and astronomy for designing buildings and interior décor according to Vastu. It is important to learn the courses that can provide a specific direction for combining all the five elements of nature. The ultimate purpose of these courses is to apply Vastu principles to produce useful advantages that go in favour of you.

    The science in these courses will be beneficial such as balancing cosmic energy around your house, yourself and make peaceful relationships with the world. Vastumatics are offering a New Modern Era Vastu Shastra Course where you can achieve the knowledge of classical Vastu along with the proper chart and corresponding remedies. By Astro Vastu Course, Vastumatics is specialized to treat Vastudosha and horoscope malfunctioning.

    Astro Vastu and Lal Kitab Vastu are also available in this course. Remedial Mahavastu Course is based on science with solutions to all your problems. These courses have combined all types of remedies for various kinds of architectures like residential rented property apartment industrial commercial extra. Vastu Shastra Courses will guide you to have a continuous flow of positive energy in your living space. 

    Who can join Vastu Shastra Course?

    Vastumatics is a renowned institute which is welcoming all interested students who are eager to Learn Vastu Shastra courses. The exclusive part of the Vastu Shastra course is that the fee of the courses is not even that much expensive and according to the career associate assets it will also provide the opportunity to work with them. Most importantly Vastumatics has no limit on the age of the students who are applying for various courses. This well-established institute is also open for Learn Online Vastu.

    Anyone can join the Vastu Shastra course for one of the best and well-known astrology institute in India, Vastumatics. A well-established person can also enroll in these courses for money and satisfaction in life. Students of any background can apply for Vastu Shastra Course in Vastumatics. This institute is providing excellent quality in the learning process and astrology courses in various fields. Join the best institute to learn Vastu Shastra Course.

    Why learn Vastu Shastra Course from Vastumatics?

    Vastumatics is the leading and prospectus result of Acharya Lokesh Dhamija, a well-known and established Vastu expert. Professional courses in Vastumatics are providing original remedies for modern lifestyle-based buildings and interiors. These are the New Modern Era Vastu Shastra Course, Astro Vastu Course, and Remedial Vastu Course.

    These courses are providing the opportunity to Learn Vastu Online. This is helpful for those who are enthusiastic to learn online. The study of Vastu Shastra courses involves specific kinds of elements that can influence human life in a very positive way.  

    These courses providing complete guidance to diagnose a problem its causes and the proper solution for the same. These courses have not only theories but also have practical knowledge that can explain an enormous number of people who are following Vastumatics.  You can have a proper idea of implementing Vastu Shastra in various aspects of your life. Vastumatics are also offering correspondence courses and live classes for those who are unable to physically present in the institute.

    Anyone can have benefits and tips for a happy life from Vastumatics due to this institute has various kinds of suggestion tips for all sectors. Vastu Shastra courses are available in Vastumatics for all kinds of students who are eager to learn Astro science and astrology. Vastumatics has included various exclusive Vastu kits, study materials, and practicals on the map.

    They are also offering Vastu professional courses to the students. Vastu materials have specific guidance in their courses which is really effective and entirely based on architecture. The people who have worked with Vastumatics have believed in these courses because they want to favour things in their way and these courses provide them with the power of knowledge to a great extent.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Can I learn Vastu Shartra from anywhere?

    No, you can have an online and offline learning facility in Vastumatics only. Vastumatics is one of the outstanding institutes for those who want to learn Vastu Shastra Courses. Our infrastructure is one of a kind for a huge number of students and also you can learn online.

    Can I join more than one course simultaneously?

    Yes, you can avail the benefit of having multiple courses simultaneously. But it is recommended to have one course at a time. It can help you to learn in a better way.

    Will I have to buy the books for the course that I opt for?

    You do not have to buy any particular book for the course. Vastumatics will provide you with all sorts of study material and products for the chosen course.

    Whom should I contact in case of any queries?

    You can get in touch with Vastumatics by submitting your name, mobile, and email address from contact us options. Also, you can have many contacts options on our website.