What does location of main entrance says as per vastu

Vastu Main Entrance Remedy

Vastu shastra is an ancient science which help people to make their living space in harmony with nature and cosmic energy so that they can get good results.

In a building constructed, entrance is the most important part. It allows flow of energy in and out of the building. It lets the inside of the building connect and communicate to the universe. If it is located auspiciously, bring happiness, health, wealth, prosperity and good fortune. If not, then may turn into hard bad luck, which ruins all the efforts, makes life sorrowful and miserable. Hence while constructing or making a plan to house, location of main entrance is key point of consideration.

People thought that only east and north directions are good, while west and south are not. But it’s not like that. 32 types of energy fields grow in a building. Each plot or land area or living space has 32 possible locations, 8 in each of 4 directions, where main door of building can be located.

All 32 locations have their different attributes which are as follows:

8 possible location in East direction

  •  E1- This entrance causes fire, accidents and unexpected losses.
  •  E2 – There is a lot of wasteful expenditures.
  •  E3 – A very promising entrance zone. It brings in money, profits and success.
  • E4 -This entrance brings the inhabitants closer to people at higher position in the government and giving good benefits.
  • E5 – This entrance make people extremely short tempered.
  • E6 – This entrance makes it difficult for people to keep their words, which makes them unreliable.
  • E7 – People in such houses become insensitive towards others’ problems.
  • E8 – This entrance results in accidents, financial losses, burglary and other such problems.

8 possible location in south direction

  • S1 – It gives negative effects on the children.
  • S2- It is good for people working in MNC or doing job.
  • S3 – it brings prosperity.
  • S4 – Industries in such plots are highly successful. The family is blessed with more male progeny.
  • S5 – People living in such houses are rarely free from debts.
  • S6 – A door of poverty.
  • S7 – All the efforts of people residing in such a house going to waste, because of which they get discontented in life.
  • S8 -The most ominous entrance, it results in bad behaviour and attitude, which gradually disconnect the family from the rest of the world, affecting their financial position and relationships adversely.

8 possible location in west direction

  • W1 – This entrance negatively affect the resident’s financial position and life span.
  • W2 – This entrance creates instability in career.
  • W3 – It is an entrance for amazing growth and incredible prosperity.
  • W4 – It offers general happiness in life.
  • W5 – This entrance makes one the perfectionist and overambitious.
  • W6 – This entrance makes people vulnerable to depression.
  • W7 – This entrance results into loss of general happiness, due to which at times the occupant resort to drugs and alcohol.
  • W8 – Residents adopt unfair and unlawful means for their own benefit.

8 possible location in west direction

  • N1 – Inhabitants are harmed by bad intentions of other people.
  • N2 – Residents feel that others are jealous of them. A fear of enemies.
  • N3 – This entrance brings lots of money and more male progeny.
  • N4 – This entrance ensure  abundance of inherited and earned money.
  • N5 – This entrance makes people religious and calm.
  • N6 – This entrance makes residents behave in a manner that people generally dislike them and avoid listening to them.
  • N7 – This entrance cause grown up child in the family dare to go beyond the traditional beliefs and culture of the family.
  • N8 – Such an entrance gives a higher bank balance (Sometime due to loan).

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